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Our Story

We are a global collective of artists and animators who have come together to cultivate our skills and produce charming tra-digital animated shorts.


To further tell our story, Wild Goat Animation is a collective of artists founded in late spring 2022 through the collaboration between the CTN Foundation and veteran Disney animator, James Lopez. The collective is comprised of a diverse group of talent assembled from around the globe that have had no prior experience working professionally in the animation industry. Together, we create content that rivals the efforts of productions that are funded by the major studios and large corporations. The name 'Wild Goat' is in reference to the images on a vase found in Iran that was crafted more than 5,000 years ago. The images depict that of a goat jumping to eat leaves from a tree. This ancient artifact is believed to be the oldest known expression of animation in history.

Our Team

A Team that Beats with One Heart


James Lopez



Leonard Baltran

Creative Director


Melissa L. Scott

Lead Storyboard Artist

Ricky Le.jpg

Ricky Le

Lead Storyboard Artist


Mai-Han Nguyen

Lead Vis Dev Artist

Joseph Chung photo.png

Joseph Chung

Lead Vis Dev Artist

Edward profile.jpg

Edward Davies

Animation Supervisor

gregory dooley wild goat profile pic.png

Gregory Dooley



Andy Mangano



Başûr Sîsî


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